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Research directors and executives with many years of experience and know-how develop high-quality products through in-depth research on skin based on trendy and differentiated product development, new material research, and raw material development.
Skin Care cosmetics In addition to the general formulation, the new formulation is developed through Liquid Crystal Emulsion and Phase Inversion Emulsification, continuing the differentiation in terms of technology.
Make-up cosmetics We are creating technology for new ingredients and formulations to develop trendy color tone formulations.
Hair & Body product We are developing a variety of products such as sulfate formulation products and sulfate-free products.
Cushion compact As a liquid crystal emulsion formulation with a low viscosity, we prioritize spreadability and we are developing the formulation with great effort to ensure excellent usability.
Facial mask We aim to explore and develop a variety of materials, and to develop a sheet mask with stronger performance by emphasizing the functional aspect.
Functional cosmetics We are continuing research to develop high-quality functional cosmetics such as wrinkle improvement, whitening, sun protection, stretch marks improvement, and acne skin relief.
Hanbang The R&D of oriental medicine cosmetics using ingredients and technologies from the East and the West is developing cosmetics through harmony with the ideology of oriental medicine. In principle, we are studying materials that are unfamiliar to the public but are effective on the skin, and develop them into products by stabilizing them.
Science of skin Aju Cosmetic's own unique measurement method is used to research and prove efficacy of new substances involved in biological activities such as antioxidant, anti-aging, whitening, exfoliation, pore shrinking, tyrosinase activity inhibition, and moisturizing. Through our own measurement method, the effectiveness is verified and the product quality is maximized.
Microorganism Manufactured cosmetics go through a microbial testing process with strict standards. These microbial tests must be completed before they can be sold. To minimize irritation problems caused by preservatives, we are studying various preservative materials.
Effectiveness We will demonstrate visible effects, provide scientific trust to customers, and increase the value of our products through our own experimental methods, excluding animal testing, such as wrinkle improvement, whitening, UV protection, and help relaxing acne-prone skin.
New formulation The first hurdle to creating a product that draws attention from customers is 'texture' and 'effectiveness'. To this end, we research and develop a good formulation that can appeal to the consumers.

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