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We are a professional R&D company that develops products that meet global standards.
3.O.M Solution ODM/OEM/OBM
  • We are an OEM specialized company that receives the intention of the buyer's development and manufactures the finished product with the orderer's trademark attached.
  • We are equipped with production facilities and processes capable of mass production of various types.
  • At the request of the buyer, we conduct research and development, design design, manufacturing and production processes and operate ODM specialized processes that deliver products with the buyer's trademark.
  • Manufacturing/development is possible with unique technology and know-how of Aju cosmetic
  • We have a service system consisting of total solutions from product planning and development, design process, manufacturing and production, quality control, shipping, and branding.
AJU Cosmetic co.,LTD

AJU Cosmetic Service

  • Premium quality

    We have CGMP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22716 certifications which are mandatory requirements for manufacturing company.

  • Premium quality control system

    We provide the best quality through a strict quality control system based on the mandatory certification of cosmetic manufacturers.

  • Premium consulting

    We provide solutions from R&D to production process.

  • Custom recipe prescription

    We provide buyers with customized recipe prescriptions that are trendy and fit their personal needs.

  • Accuracy for Trust

    We have established the trust of buyers with the patented technology of AJU’s and the exact delivery date.