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  • Skin Care Cosmetics

    Skin care Cosmetics

    • Emollient
      - Also known as toner.
      - Transparent liquid products that are thermodynamic stabilized after the availability of substances that do not dissolve in water.
      - Transparent liquid product that is thermodynamically stabilized after solubilizing a substance that is insoluble in water.
    • Emulsion
      - A fluid formulation that is intermediate between emollient (toner) and cream.
      - Liquid is a solution in which a liquid is spread like a small drop in another liquid, which means it is like milk.
      - Provides skin moisture and oil, and has moisturizing and softening effects.
    • Essence
      - Concentrated formulation which quickly solves skin problems.
      - There are a lot of functional products and it has a function to control skin aging.
      - Examples include whitening, anti-aging, sebum normalization, hydration, sensitivity, and functional concentrated essence of booster.
    • Serum
      - Additional ingredients are more concentrated and viscous than essence.
      - Effective in nourishing the skin.
    • Cream
      - It is a representative formulation of basic cosmetics and is applied in the next stage of essence or lotion.
      - It supplies moisture and oil to maintain the water and oil balance and has moisturizing and softening effects.
    • ampoule
      - Contains the most ingredients and provides the fastest effect in a short time.
      - Made by grafting functional elements.
  • Functional Cosmetics

    Functional Cosmetics

    • Ultraviolet rays block functional products
      - Protect your skin by blocking or dispersing UV rays.
      - We have various SPF, PA values.
      - Representative items: sun block, sun cream, foundation, BB cream, makeup base.
    • Wrinkles improvement functional products
      - These products have effect of giving skin elasticity and help reducing wrinkles .
      - Representative items: treatment essences, gels, creams, lotions, spot creams containing retinyl palmitate, adenosine as the main ingredients.
    • Skin lightening functional products
      - Help your skin whitening.
      - Help to quickly discharge unnecessary melanin pigments and prevent pigmentation from depositing, resulting in skin whitening effects.
      - Representative items: treatment essences, gels, lotions, creams, spot creams containing niacinamide, vitamin C, and arbutin as the main ingredients
  • Make-up Cosmetics

    Make-up Cosmetics

    • Foundation
      · - make-up cosmetic to cover flawless skin.
      - Various color types can be developed for each skin tone.
    • BB/CC Cream
      · - It has intermediate formulation between makeup base and foundation.
      - It moisturizes and nourishes the skin and can give color effects.
    • Eye shadow
      - It is used for the point of eye makeup and can create a clear and deep eye look.
    • Blusher
      - It makes your face looking a three-dimensional and colorful cheek make up can be done.
    • Lipstick, Liptint
      - Lips can be highlighted and three-dimensional and colorful lip make-up can be done.
      - In addition to making colorful lips, moisturizing effects can be added.
    • Other make-up cosmetic products
      - powder pact, blusher, contouring product, brows, eyeliner, and so on
  • types of facial mask

    Facial Mask

    • Facial Mask
      · - Effective and representative product for supplying nutrition and moisturizing to the skin and managing skin health.
      - Enable to give various functional components, and can be developed with various materials or formulations.
      - Representative items: peeling mask, wash & peel off type, essence mask, cream mask, sheet mask, etc.
  • Cleansing Product

    Cleansing Product

    • Cleansing Product
      - Cleansing items that remove sebum, wastes, and makeup residue from the skin.
      - With cleansing effect, functional components such as moisturizing and exfoliating can be added.
      - Representative items: cleansing oil, cleansing gel, cleansing foam, cleansing milk gel, cleansing cream.
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